The intelligent wireless lighting control system

Light control via classic DALI Light Controller, also wireless with proprietary radio technologies and control gear with classic DALI interface.


Optics design is one of the core competencies within the field of LED light development. Precise optics enable efficient implementation of application-specific light distributions. Our bespoke optics design service lets you bring your own personal light characteristics to life.


This brochure is designed to provide you with an easy-to-understand guideline that explains LED terminology and shows you what to watch out for when dealing with LED lighting technology. We also intend this brochure to support you when it comes to making decisions, especially with regard to the comparability of product specifications.


Within the lighting industry, the increasingly important topic of LEDs is inextricably linked with the development of suitable control gear for operating LED modules. Further to our LED Guideline, "Understanding LED Technology", this brochure is intended as an "Understanding Driver Technology" supplement.


Terminology, Definitions and Measurement Methods: Bases for Comaprison