A Spanish lighting manufacturers association, with 87 luminaire  manufacturers (indoor, outdoor and emergency) luminaires, components,  control and regulation, as well as poles and columns for street lighting  among the most representative products of the whole industry  nationwide.



The Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers, is an influential and qualified spokesperson at national and international level of lighting industry, operating on the Italian market. It includes around 80 manufacturers of luminaires, electrical components for lighting, light sources and LED. With an annual turnover of 2 billion Euros, ASSIL represents over the 50% of the Italian Lighting market turnover and 10.000 employees.


DALI - a working party of ZVEI

The DALI working party was founded 2000 by leading international manufacturers in the field of lamp and luminaire control. Today, with almost 110 international members DALI is the true standard for professional digital lighting. The main objectives of the working party are the logo licensing procedure for its interoperability and to increase its number of members as well as its position as partner network and presentation of market competences.


The DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE  is a modern, non-profit service organization which ensures that electricity is generated, distributed and used in a safe and rational manner, thereby serving the good of the community at large. The results of DKE work form an integral part of the German collection of standards. As VDE specifications its electrotechnical safety standards also form the VDE Specifications Code of safety standards


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1906.

The International Electrotechnical Commission is the leading global organization that publishes consensus-based International Standards and manages conformity assessment systems for electric and electronic products, systems and services, collectively known as electrotechnology. IEC publications serve as a basis for national standardization and as references when drafting international tenders and contracts.

Lighting Europe - The future of the Lighting Industry in Europe

LightingEurope is an industry association representing leading European lighting manufacturers, national lighting associations, and companies producing materials.

The lighting industry in Europe is facing unprecedented challenges and exciting opportunities with the transition to new technologies. The industry is evolving, reinventing its approach to lighting to meet the needs of the 21st century. On 5 December 2012 interested companies and national associations active in the lighting sector gathered in Brussels to found the new European lighting association. LightingEurope will unify the strengths of the industry, becoming the main platform for development and communication of industry positions; shaping the future of lighting in Europe and globally.


ZHAGA: A simple idea

ZHAGA is a global lighting-industry consortium that aims to standardize LED light engines and associated components, and to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing.

  • Use of Zhaga specifications can provide benefits such as the ability to keep pace with rapid LED technology evolution, flexibility to respond to customer/market requirements, and improved supply-chain management.
  • Zhaga is creating a set of Interface Specifications, known as Books, which define the conditions necessary for interchangeability. Each Book defines an LED light engine and/or associated components by means of the mechanical, photometric, electrical, thermal, and control interfaces between the product and its environment.
  • Products based on several of the Zhaga Books are already in common use in the global lighting market. Zhaga continues to develop new specifications that reflect the needs of luminaire makers and other stakeholders.
  • Zhaga members share their technical expertise in an open, cooperative manner. The consortium is market-oriented and works in the best interests of lighting-industry stakeholders.


ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.

The ZVEI is one of the most important industrial associations in Germany. It represents the interests of a high-tech sector with a very wide and extremely dynamic product portfolio.

The ZVEI is committed to the common interests of the electrical industry in Germany and at the international level. This commitment is supported by the involvement of around 160 employees in the main office and about 5,000 employees of the member companies in an honorary capacity.

The basis of the association's work is the exchange of experience and views between the members about current technical, economic, legal and socio-political topics in the field of the electrical industry. From this exchange, common positions are drawn up.

With proposals on research, technology, environmental protection, education, and science policy, the ZVEI is a pacemaker of technological progress. It supports market-related international standardisation work.