UV light for disinfection

UV light helps to strengthen the immune system and is also used for disinfection purposes

At VS you can obtain optimum product packages with conventional components such as electronic ballastsand lampholders for operating UV fluorescent lamps used in medical radiation equipment and also for disinfection, as is currently required due to the Covid-19 crisis. VS component systems for UV Light More than 100 years of experience in the developmentand production of high-performance lighting technologycomponents Environmental and cost-conscious light generation VS technical customer...

Consortium of companies develops ventilator prototype

RESPIREM is the result of a solidarity initiative to develop and manufacture a field ventilator that works autonomously thanks to the installation of batteries. The aim is to provide vital support to the country's health centres and field hospitals, which are overwhelmed by the rush of patients and lack of ventilators. Thanks to the participation of the companies that helped to develop the prototypes - Protofy.xyz, Novolux Lighting, RM Electronics, JVV Grup, Orbal, Metaval Abella, Doga, Vossl...

Product News - March 2020

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In our newsletter you will learn more about new LED modules for street lighting as well as matching optics and drivers, also about new industrial solutions and FlatPanels. Furthermore we present our new Horticulture LED modules for optimal greenhouse lighting.

Vossloh-Schwabe Covid-19 Update

We continue to be confronted daily with changing and difficult circumstances, which in the long run make various business processes appear complicated. Nevertheless, we would like to keep all our customers and suppliers regularly informed about adjustments to our actions. The safety of all our employees and partners is a top priority, and we must and will respond immediately to ensure their well-being. There are currently no factors other than local government regulations or supply chain or...