Taipeh, Taiwan


Yueh World is a Luxury dwelling for the elite in New Taipei City, Taiwan and first to install VS DigiLED CA series control systems along with other VS products; AluLED RGB modules in various lengths, GU10 and MR16 LED lamps.

ReadyLine C LED modules with integrated heat sink were suitably installed in simple luminaire systems
to illuminate passages in the elite and luxurious apartment building.
With major competitors vying for this prestigious project, the client needed to illuminate the building 24 hours a day within 6 months. The various tests proved VS products were of the most ideal in performance, quality and reliability.

The DigiLED CA series is suitable for operating both high-power RGB CA modules and low-power RGB CA modules. In addition to custom colour control, it is also possible to call up pre-set colour programs for example colour sequences. The CA series of VS colour control modules are available with both a manual operating pad and a DALI interface or "PUSH" or DMX variant.

ReadyLine C LED modules are for direct connection to mains voltage (220–240 V ) and provide a perfect opportunity to switch to LED well ahead of time – and without requiring any time-consuming or expensive redesign work on already existing luminaires. Refitting existing installations with these LED modules is equally possible – and equally problem-free.