Moscow, Russia


During the reconstruction of Fast Cust Tuning Atelier the objective was to achieve a uniform, cost-effective, affordable and high-quality lighting to replace the old lighting fixtures with fluorescent lamps. The large ceiling height complicated quick replacement of failed lamps. Therefore, new lighting was carried out using LED lighting fixtures.

For the lighting in repair area of automotive tuning atelier Smart Lamps' ALU-MAXi-SP lighting fixtures with components made by Vossloh-Schwabe, e.g. LED modules, optics and drivers were used.

Vossloh-Schwabe's special optics installed in ALU-MAXi-SP lighting fixtures allows to make better use of the luminous flux of LED modules. The bulk of the light falls down on a working surface, rather than the ceiling and walls. In this way, the illumination of working areas is about 350 lux.

The total floor area is 900m2, ceiling height is 6m, fixture height of lighting fixtures is 5m. The lighting fixtures use the following components:
LED driver:186443 ECXe 700.147
LED module: WU-M-481-840, 60 chip, 500mA, 2800mm, 4000K, capacity of 78W and luminous flux of 10,500 lumens
Optics: Standard
The total number of lighting fixtures is 28 pcs.