Moscow, Russia

Shop lighting

for "fashion"

The specific photometry characteristic of modern luminaires with high-pressure discharge lamps and compact fluorescent tubes improves the presentation of the exhibited goods. The new generation of LED luminaires has the same parameters and a variety of other advantages, which promote optimization of lighting in stores.

Lamps with ShopLine 111 158, 3000 K modules have been installed to illuminate showcases, dressing rooms and salesrooms. Different reflector shapes resulted in a universal product that can be used for a variety of object lighting tasks.

LERGO lamps from StartFinish with LED modules and power sources from Vossloh-Schwabe were used to illuminate the "Prenatal" shop:
SHOPLINE 111, 3000k, 24°, LED modules
SHOPLINE 111, 3000k, 36
Power supply: 186200 ECXe 700.022
Total number of LED modules: 40
Total power: 1540 W.

Using 50 conventional metal halide lamps with comparable luminous flux, the energy consumption was approx. 3000 W with a service life of only approx. 12,000 hours.