Luzern, Switzerland

Shop lighting

for "supermarkets"

Today, energy efficiency is also the central issue in the retail sector. Considerable energy costs can be saved in shop lighting in particular.

The Migros Brunnen store was already modernised in September 2012. The lighting was completely converted to energy-efficient LED light.

The unique LED system from RD Leuchten sets new standards in shop lighting. The Vario and Ponte luminaires from RD effectively set the stage for the merchandise and in doing so fall short of the customer's specified maximum energy consumption of 10 W/m². In addition to these very high system efficiencies (> 100 lm/W), the long service life of the LED modules (L90/B10) and drivers is an additional benefit.

MIGROS provides clear visual impressions in the shop and turns shopping into an experience. This is possible thanks to the very efficient and durable technology of VS.