Taipei, Taiwan


The hotel industry is very selective when it comes to lighting design, especially so for Le Méridien, Taipei where perfect lighting was of the utmost requisition to achieve high standards of light efficiency.
Traditional light effects are the fundamental tools used by the lighting consultant for their lighting designs. However, in response to the current global hotel industry to promote energy-saving and carbon reduction, shifting to the use of high power LED lights to replace the traditional lamps, are now the inevitable trend and is increasingly popular beyond the field of decorative lighting.

Vossloh-Schwabe LEDs contain no mercury and are low on energy consumption, as a result of which they lead the field when it comes to "green lighting". Thanks to their eco-friendly properties, they can make a valid contribution to reducing carbon footprint and countering the greenhouse effect. In addition to providing UV- and IR-free light, LEDs are vibration-proof and have a very long service life that further increases the overall efficiency of any lighting system.

With a number of domestic and international LED manufacturers competing to achieve Le Méridien high standards of light efficiency, Vossloh-Schwabe's MR16 low voltage LED lamps were tested and selected amongst several LEDs from major plants. MR16 4 W warm white, 2700K colour temperature were used to improve the overall efficiency of the lighting system along the corridors. Long service life of up to 45,000 hours (> 50% output) together with low maintenance and integrated superior thermal management made it the ideal preference. MR16 6 W 2700K was also installed in all bathrooms.

Founded in 1997, Horizon Lighting Equipment Co. (Lian Heng Lighting) is a technically oriented partner of Vossloh-Schwabe to approach the lighting market with technical competence. They are also dedicated to develop and promote environmentally safe, energy efficient and green LED lamps.