Moscow, Russia

Shop lighting

for "retail"

The high-end jewellery made by "H. Stern" is currently so popular that you'll find a boutique of the iconic brand gracing the foyer of every 5-star hotel in Latin America. The story of the Brazilian H. Stern brand began in Rio de Janeiro in 1945. The founder of the company was a 22-year old émigré from Germany, the jeweller and business man Hans Stern. The brand became known in Europe and the Middle East in 1964. "Time" magazine even dubbed the owner the "king of diamonds and colored gems". Nowadays, H. Stern's jewellery can be found in 165 company-owned stores, spread over 12 different countries. One of these shops is located in Moscow.

Prior to the introduction of LED lighting, the shop was illuminated with the help of metal halide lamps. The conversion to Vossloh-Schwabe's "ShopLine 111" LED modules has now created modern, high-quality lighting within the shortest space of time and without having to replace any of the existing luminaires.

The shop is illuminated with VS' COB LED "ShopLine 111" modules, which come with a CRI (colour rendering index) of more than 90. Modules with a light temperature of 2,700 K were chosen for general lighting purposes, whereas 3,000 K modules were fitted for backlighting showcases and for illuminating presentation areas. This has created the interesting effect of bathing the whole shop in tones of warm white light, while also allowing optimum presentation of white and yellow gold in cooler white light. And due to the high CRI of these light sources, the retail space now delivers a more enjoyable customer experience – to which the use of Vossloh-Schwabe drivers, which eliminate LED flickering, make a further valid contribution.