Cologne, Germany


Reliable LED technology with event character

For instance, during the FIFA World Cup. The matches all aired on a huge screen, for which a fitting backdrop was provided by the changing colours of the LED lighting that covers the outer façade of the high-water pumping station. But the building is just as much a visible landmark even when it is not being used to host crowd-pulling events.
The LED lighting system has now been in service for 7 years without the slightest hitch. A DALI signal is used to control the individual LEDs. And due to the system’s low power consumption, operating costs also remain low, which ultimately benefits the environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions. The long service life and dependability of LED modules (systems) are also reflected in a substantial reduction of maintenance costs, which now only total a fraction of the costs incurred with conventional lighting systems.


Equipped for the future

The scheduled conversion of the LED control system from DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) over to DMX 512 is also no problem since only the colour control modules will have to be replaced. The new DMX – Digital Multiplex – technology comes with 512 channels per system, thus significantly increasing system flexibility and allowing for more individual control of light scenes and colour changes. Furthermore, the innovative LED technology makes replacing the existing LED modules unnecessary.


High quality standard

In addition to their long service life and high degree of colour stability, LED modules are characterised by high efficiency and no more than a minimal decrease in luminous flux over their service life.



The system will continue to provide a backdrop for large events like public viewing and serve as a landmark whose specific colour reflects the Rhine’s water level long into the future.