Berlin, Germany

Shop lighting

for "retail"

The new "Blumen Creativ" flower shop opened by Jeanette Malutzki and Tonio Gerasch in Berlin's Kreuzberg quarter goes to prove that the best things do indeed come in small packages. Amid patina-green walls and vintage-style shop fittings customers are welcomed by a multi-coloured display of blossoms and grasses.

The task consisted of presenting the different flower colours in as true-to-life a manner as possible, to which end the new Tarek S spots made by RZB with Colour Fresh LEDs were chosen.

These Colour Fresh 931 LED modules are in turn fitted with Vossloh-Schwabe's LUGA Shop Pearl White LED modules, which not only ensure an above-average lumen package of up to 4,500 lm, the tightest colour tolerances and a brilliant tone of white, but can also be adjusted in terms of CRI and light temperature to suit the given application. As a result, these high-performance LEDs can even be used for lighting meat, bakery or fresh fruit and vegetables displays without needing conventional food filters.