• Controlling, dimming, saving - using the LiCS Indoor System

    Controlling, dimming, saving
    - using the LiCS Indoor System

    Designed as a multi-room solution,
    one room solution and for installation in luminaires


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For energy-efficient lighting, intelligent lighting control by Light management systems, including a Lightcontroller as well as sensors, gain growing importance. Light sensors possibly combined with movement and presence sensors ensure optimal daylight harvesting, dimming the light in line with demand or even deactivate the light if there is no need for it. All of that is contributing to realize maximum energy savings. Lighting control is realized by a Lightcontroller on the DALI network, in which Multisensors respectively light sensors, movement or presence sensors can be integrated easily. Both, the definition of light scenes together with the option to flexibly group luminaires, provide highest lighting comfort. Vossloh-Schwabe Lighting Control Systems are applicable for single luminaire installation as well as for complete building installations. When using the Lightcontroller LW or LSW, battery- and wireless EnOcean Push-buttons can be integrated into the lighting control system. EnOcean Push-buttons are maintenance-free and easily installable as there is no effort for cabeling needed. Using a DALI-Lighting control system combines high energy savings from optimal daylight harvesting regulated by light sensors and shutdown of lights by movement or presence sensor. Additionally, definition of light scenes and luminaire groups by DALI and the possibility for wireless control by EnOcean technology guarantee for highest user convenience.