• Blu2Light


    The future of light management:
    smart, open and based on Bluetooth®

    innovative Bluetooth® mesh system, that switches, dims, creates system luminaire groups and scenes,  provides daylight and motion detection.

    Despite its many advantages, the established DALI technology does have its limits. Blu2Light both substantially broadens and simplifies the application spectrum.

  • Go full circle with the new K33 Compact Driver Family from Vossloh-Schwabe

    Go full circle with the new K33 Compact Driver Family from Vossloh-Schwabe

    Our K33 driver family offers market leading flexibility whether your main focus is cost, functionality or performance.

    • Very low ripple (< 3% at 100 Hz)
    • Available with strain relief for remote mounting
    • Wide output voltage range
    • Common footprint


  • System Solution with NFC Devices

    System Solution with NFC Devices

    Watch out new informative product video

    ... and learn more about this linear and highly flexible system solution containing LED Line SMD 3R, various optics and new ComfortLine NFC Driver

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  • Biodegradable Plastic

    Biodegradable Plastic

    Ensuring a healthy environment requires products that can be recycled efficiently and sustainably.

    The granulate is an innovative biodegradable plastic for the electric components area. It can be customized to the desired hardness, color or more resistant to higher temperature. With these features, the granulate is capable of replacing at least 85% of all prevalent plastic products and can thus be used in existing plastic production.

  • Bright, Brighter, High Brightness

    Bright, Brighter, High Brightness

    High light output – smallest dimensions
    (280 x 15 mm)

    Advantages of the LUGA Line HB

    • Highly efficient: up to 181 lm/W
    • Broad lumen spectrum for various applications
    • Excellent electrical insulation thanks to ceramic COB technology
    • Special and standard light temperature variants:
      CRI 80 / CRI 90 + Pearl White
    • Long operating service life: up to 100,000 hours



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