• System Solution Shop

    System Solution Shoplighting

    The specific photometric properties typical of today's high-pressure discharge and compact fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for the purpose of creating successful product presentations. The newer generation of LED lighting technology delivers the same properties and many additional advantages that help to optimise in-shop lighting.

    Provided with either a compact plastic or metal casing, VS' electronic LED drivers ensure the respective LED module is supplied with the correct operating current of either 700 or 1050 mA. These LED drivers feature high-quality components and are available in standard and dimmable (DALI) versions.

  • System Solution Street

    System Solution Streetlighting

    Many street lighting facilities are outdated and are therefore highly inefficient. This not only results in higher energy requirements, but also more maintenance work and higher investment costs. All this adds up to street lighting accounting for approx. 30–50% of the entire power consumption recorded by municipal and other types of local authority – which amounts to a huge cost factor for public budgets to cover.

    The lighting solutions provided by Vossloh-Schwabe ensure that local authorities can save energy and achieve sustainable cost reductions. Using various lighting situations as examples, energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved.

  • System Solution Residential

    System Solution Residential

    A beautiful home is one of the most important aspects in our lives. It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment or house. What counts are the security and well-being, given to us by our home. So the right light concept does play a crucial role.

  • System Solution Office

    System Solution Office

    General workspaces require sufficiently bright lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere that helps people to concentrate on their work. As many people tend to prefer a combination of direct and indirect light, it is important to provide both basic lighting in the form of ceiling luminaires and to illuminate walls and work

    This is precisely where Vossloh-Schwabe and its new LED solutions come in.

  • System Solution Industrial

    System Solution Industrial Lighting

    Nowadays, lighting for industrial spaces can achieve much more than simply enabling workers to see. For instance, improving the wellbeing of employees by choosing the right colour and intensity of light in relation to the time of day will also substantially increase their productivity. Lighting that is individually adjusted to suit specific work-places can even take the circadian rhythm into account.

  • Customized System Solutions

    Customized System Solutions

    In cooperation with our customers, we develop ideas and elaborate solution approaches. From individual LEDs or complete PCBs right up to entire systems, we have the know-how to put our customers’ wishes into practice. And conducting preliminary optical and thermal simulations means we can already begin to optimise the final product in advance.

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