Moscow, Russia

Shop lighting

for "supermarkets"

"Globus Gourmet" is a grocery store with a large selection of delicatessen, one of the best gourmet shops in the world. In principle, more than 10,000 articles are offered, a large part of which are products presented in display cases. These include meat, fish, baked goods, handmade chocolate, cakes and pastries, convenience foods. Optimally illuminated goods increase sales success.

The LED modules from Vossloh-Schwabe guarantee perfect product lighting. LED modules with the appropriate colour temperature and special colour values are available for each product group. The fluorescent lamps in all "Globus Gourmet" showcases have been replaced by modern, energy-efficient LED lighting.

This project uses LED modules from the AluFix LUGA FOOD LED range with special optics and an aluminium holder for easy mounting. The COB technology used enables a homogeneous light field in which no individual light points can be perceived.

  • LED Line AluFix LUGA FOOD warm white, for bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese
  • LED Line AluFix LUGA FOOD neutral white, for fish
  • LED Line AluFix LUGA FOOD "pink effect" for red meat
  • LED Line AluFix LUGA FOOD "white effect" for poultry meat
  • LED Line AluFix LUGA FOOD PearlWhite for chocolate